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The newest site for online education for patchwork quilters, QuiltEd Online, is only a few days away from launch! After six months of hard work revising, editing, uploading and formatting courses, the site stands ready for business, except for a little last-minute tweaking. We anticipate launching the site within the next few days.

Dena Crain Teaching

Dena Crain Teaching

Courses run continuously, with open registration available to all at any time. With personalized attention from your instructor, the freedom to study online at any time without the hassles of travel, and an affordable pricing structure, QuiltEd Online courses promise to satisfy most quilters’ needs when it comes to learning more about patchwork quilting. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced quilter, we hope that in time there will be something for everyone at QuiltEd Online.

For the moment, however, the good news is that, for a limited time only, each new visitor to QuiltEd Online is entitled to enroll in one (1) course FREE OF CHARGE!! As an introductory offer, this opening celebratory discount of 100% off the price of one course, any course of your choice, is our way of attracting your attention, giving you a chance to sample the quality of teaching presented by QuiltEd Online, and letting you tell us more about what you want from online education for patchwork quilters. All we ask is that you take the course, learn from it and then tell all your quilting friends about it.

Patchwork Quilt Courses at QuiltEd Online

Patchwork Quilt Courses at QuiltEd Online

This generous offer of one FREE course will run only for the first week after the site opens. If you have not yet signed up for the QuiltEd Online newsletter, do so NOW so you will not miss the chance to enroll in the course of your choice, for FREE!

By the way, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards – this, just in case you want to take more than one course!


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QuiltEd Online Going Live Soon!

I’m so excited – my new Web site, QuiltEd Online, is nearly ready for launch! Just back from a wonderful month’s visit to the US, I spent last week reviewing the site itself to make sure all is well. It is!
QuiltEd Online
All that remains to be done is for me to finish the final editing of my courses. I have reworked and improved every one – Structured Fabrics, Math for Quilters, Goodbye to the Grid, and Designer Pinwheels. Better structure, some new graphics and a little grammatical tweaking should make for a much-improved student experience.

Soon after the site goes live, I will begin putting another four courses online – Darned Quilts, Reflections, Crystal Quilts and a brand new one called Alternative Methods. Once that’s done, I have another four waiting in the wings to be written!

I’m really pleased with the look and function of the site. A clever theme pasted into a WordPress blog allows me to feel right at home, while simultaneously allowing patchwork quilters to move right in!

To make QuiltEd Online more welcoming and cozy, social forums are included. There is a general Kaffeeklatsch for meeting new friends, sharing the latest news and having a laugh. We have an ongoing Pet Show, a place for sharing photos of studio mascots, and What’s Cooking for all our foodie friends. There is a Faculty Forum, limited to teachers, of course, but the best news is that there is a continuous Jumble Sale! In the Jumble Sale, students can post photos and descriptions of overstocked fabrics, used tools and unwanted equipment they want to sell. The Jumble Sale works like a classified ads section in a newspaper – only better!

And the really good news is that I am in communication with more than 50 other teachers who think possibly to teach from QuiltEd Online, a number of big name established teachers as well as some exciting new faces! Online education for patchwork quilters is my business, and this new site promises to bring some of the best instruction available into the homes and studios of quilters around the world.

If you have not yet done so, please sign up on QuiltEd Online to receive the newsletter that will notify you when the site opens and keep you informed as new teachers and courses appear!

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“Starving” to Successful Free E-Course for Artists

Link to a free e-course offered by Jason Horejs of Xanadu Gallery that helps artists learn how to approach an art gallery with their work:


I signed up! Won’t you join me?!


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Upcoming Workshops

Cheryl Dineen Ferrin, talented artist and hard worker for Studio Art Quilt Associates, recently put out a call for information about “fabulous workshops” SAQA members were about to teach. I replied with the following information which you may find of interest:

I did teach fabulous workshops online for Quilt University. You probably heard that Quilt U closed at the end of last year. Many teachers shifted to http://www.AcademyofQuilting.com, Ruth Blanchet’s site. I nearly did, but decided at the last minute to go independent. My new site should be open by the end of June (May, I’m in the US!) at http://QuiltEdOnline.com.


TV Blues, a Structured Fabrics Quilt by Dena Dale Crain

TV Blues, a Structured Fabrics Quilt


Courses that will be available there immediately after launch include Math for Quilters, Goodbye to the Grid, Structured Fabrics and Designer Pinwheels. Other courses to come from me include Reflections, Crystal Quilts, Darned Quilts and a new one, Alternative Methods. After those are up, other options include Design Lines, All-in-One Reverse Appliqué, How to Make an Ethnic Quilt, and Instant Patchwork.

Also, I have heard from a number of other teachers who hope to launch new careers as online teachers alongside me! Exciting things are in the wind!!
In May in the US, I will teach (live and in person) Goodbye to the Grid to a private group of art quilters in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 9, and for the National Quilt Association Show in Columbus, Ohio, May 23-25. There I will teach one-day sessions of Darned Quilts and Goodbye to the Grid, one half-day session of Fuss-Free and Seamless Bindings, and give a lecture called World of Color. 

If you are in Columbus for the NQA Show at the end of May, I look forward to meeting you there! If not, find me at QuiltEd Online!

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Work on Display in Nairobi

One of my pieces, along with others from QuArKe (Quilt Artists of Kenya) will be on display at the Friends of the Arts Exhibition at the International School of Kenya, April 11-16.

The piece I selected is an All-in-One Reverse Appliqué art quilt called Foreign Shores. Machine appliqué, hand painting and hand beading join forces in this experimental work focused on technique to create an original design.

Foreign Shores, an All-in-One Reverse Appliqué quilt by Dena Crain

Foreign Shores, an All-in-One Reverse Appliqué quilt by Dena Crain

Details about the show come from an email notice I received:

ISK Art Show 2014 dates and times

Dates: Friday April 11 until Wednesday April 16, 2014.

Grand opening on Friday April 11 from 18.00 hrs until 21.00 hrs.

 at the ISK School – Commons Multi Purpose Room.

Art Show Times:

Friday: opening from 18:00 – 21.00 hrs.

Saturday 10:00  -  14:00 hrs.

Sunday:   12:00  – 16.00 hrs.

Monday & Tuesday: 9.00 – 16.00 hrs.

This is a special show held annually, I believe, to feature some of the best artistic talent in Kenya. This is the first time ever that the show has included patchwork quilts as works of art. If you are in Nairobi next weekend, I hope you will make time to see the show and help promote the arts in Africa!



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