Bind Quilts by Machine e-Book Release

Let Bind Quilts by Machine take the hand-work out of finishing a quilt!

In Bind Quilts by Machine, learn how to sew three core quilt binding methods entirely by machine:

  • Fuss-Free Single-Fold Binding by Machine
  • Seamless Single-Fold Binding by Machine
  • Double-Fold Binding by Machine

Learn how to apply Perfect Piping before you bind a quilt, and why and how you can bind a quilt before quilting it! Then, discover four more methods of finishing a quilt by machine, all with no hand-sewing required!

Save time, frustration and hassle binding quilts by machine, and give your quilts that professional finish you seek! Bind Quilts by Machine, the e-book, is just about to be released to the public, and this is your chance to get in on the savings while the e-book is available for pre-order.

24 Hour countdown to release!

Bind Quilts by Machine, the new e-book that has been on pre-order status for the last few weeks, is about to be released. The release date is July 18, and that day will be here–tomorrow!

Pre-order discounted price is still in effect!

The pre-order price of only $9.99 for Bind Quilts by Machine is still in effect–if you act now!

A pre-order is like a reservation. You tell your selected bookseller that you want a copy of Bind Quilts by Machine, and they place a reservation on it for you. They record your credit card details, if they do not already have them, and when the e-book is released, they charge your account and notify you that the e-book is yours, ready for download.

It is a simple enough procedure to place a pre-order, so if you want a copy of the e-book Bind Quilts by Machine, act now! If you delay past July 18, the e-book will cost you $12.99, almost 25% more.

So, take advantage of this last-minute opportunity while you still can. Go to Apple iBooksBarnes & Noble or Kobo and pre-order Bind Quilts by Machine today!

After July 18, find Bind Quilts by Machine for $12.99 in all major e-book retail shops including Amazon and on Smashwords.

City Sidewalks

City Sidewalks has done it again!

Redefinitions VI: City Sidewalks, featured recently in Studio Art Quilt Associations’ online gallery Summer in the City, is now included as well in the newly opened Graphic Colour online exhibition, curated by quilt artist Alicia Merrett!

The works and artists included in Graphic Colour are:

Go have a look at the show on Studio Art Quilt Associates. Click on the little X icon to blow it up to full size, then sit back and enjoy the show!

City Sidewalks is only one of about a dozen Redefinitions art quilts I have made. Find some of the others in my online portfolio on YouTube.

Jurying Visions

I am truly honored to have been asked to serve as a juror for the upcoming Visions Art Museum exhibition: Interpretations: Celebrating 30 Years!

Interpretations: Celebrating 30 Years is an international juried exhibition presented by Visions Art Museum: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles (VAM). Visions Art Museum is a program of Quilt San Diego, a non-profit organization, established in 1985 to promote contemporary quilts and quilt artists. The jurors will select work that exemplifies innovation in quilting and surface design techniques as well as excellence in composition and craftsmanship. Cash awards will be presented at the Opening Reception, October 17, 2015. A full color publication will accompany the exhibition.

My co-jurors are Alicia Merrett and Noriko Endo, and I am most sincerely flattered to be among them. I do not know Alicia personally, but I have met Noriko on a couple of occasions. I’m sure we’re all going to work hard and have a great time jurying this most prestigious event in the art quilt world.

You all know me, of course, but here’s what Visions had to say about the three of us:

Dena Dale Crain is a contemporary quilter known for her artistic skill, surface design techniques and generous nature, making her a popular teacher at venues such as the International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas; the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England; and the European Patchwork Festival, Val d’Argent, France. She is also the founder of QuiltEd Online.

Raised and educated in the United States, Dena has lived in rural Kenya for the past 25 years. She is a South African Quilt Guild certified quilt judge and has judged both quilt and fine art competitions. She holds advanced degrees in design and textiles and is a Juried Artist Member of Studio Art Quilt Associates.

Noriko Endo has devoted herself to creating quilts for the past 30 years both at her studio in Tokyo and at her home in Chiba, Japan. She has taught classes worldwide in South Africa, Australia, Europe, England, United States, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Noriko’s quilts resemble pointillist oil paintings with tiny pieces of fabric caught under a layer of tulle, a technique she calls Confetti Naturescapes. These landscape quilts allow her to capture the play of light and color she sees during walks in the woods. Her quilts have been shown in many national and international exhibitions including Quilt Visions, Quilt National and Quilt Nihon.

Alicia Merrett is best known for award-winning quilts that combine color with line and texture. Her current quilts are about maps and aerial views. She recently completed a commission for a quilted map of the city of York, England, as it was in 1611. Alicia’s quilts have been exhibited internationally and featured in numerous books and magazines. She teaches throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

A native of Argentina, Alicia originally trained as a photographer. After moving to England, she enjoyed a 30 year career in the arts and craft field as a doll maker and toy maker. She discovered art quilts in 1993, an obsession that continues today.

The Call for Entry is open now, as of July 1, and will continue until July 31. Read all the details in the Visions Art Museum’s site:

This is a fabulous opportunity, my friends, to submit your art quilts for consideration and possible sale. Don’t miss it! Check out the Call for Entry and pull your photos and information together NOW!

We hope to see YOUR work on exhibition at the Visions Art Museum for its 30th anniversary celebrations!

Smashwords Author Interview

Yesterday, I submitted to an in-depth Q&A session for a Smashwords Author Interview. You can read the interview at

It was fun to do, took me down a bit of Memory Lane and gave me a few interesting things to think about. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!

We can engage in a similar interview right here on my blog!

Simply ask me questions about my work and my writing, and I’ll be happy to answer. Ask me about publishing through Smashwords. Perhaps you think to write and publish independently too–we have a lot in common, then!

Come on–challenge me! Ask whatever you want to know about Dena Crain: Artist/Teacher in Kenya.

All comments are moderated, so if there’s something that comes up I feel is inappropriate for this venue, I can always reply to you privately.

Otherwise, I’m pretty open about my life’s work, and will be pleased to chat with you about it!

Writing an e-Book

Writing an e-book is no easy task!

Writing an e-book is a job! I tend to think like a mind-map, all over the place, and in a circular way that makes it hard for anyone else to follow. It takes a long time to develop the content, writing it all in a way that is linear and makes sense to others.

mind map photo
Photo by zipckr

Building the content into something legible is only one part of the job. Then, you have to grapple with the photos, something I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out!

People read e-books in a variety of formats: ePub, pdf, rtf, lrf, mobi, and text. They appear on a range of devices–on generic tablets, Kindles and iPads, directly online on your laptop or desktop computer–even on smartphones!

Photos and text both, not to mention hyperlinks, all behave differently in the different formats and on different devices. One document has to serve them all. What a mess!

For an author who wants only to write and convey a message, e-book indie publishing proves a real quagmire!

Anyway, today I uploaded yet another proof of my new e-book, Bind Quilts by Machine to Smashwords, my truly wonderful and so easy-to-manage indie publisher. I checked all the versions it will appear as, and there are only a few small tweaks remaining:

  • Pngs do not work in some formats, showing an ugly black background. I’ll have to change a few of those!

Bind Quilts by Machine, e-book from Smashwords

  • Then, I used a couple of different versions of one quilt that show color in a variable way, so I have to make those consistent.

Bind Quilts by Machine, e-book from Smashwords

  • Finally, I need to add text for all hyperlinks because hotlinks don’t work in some formats. Cumbersome, but necessary!

QuiltEd Online

After fixing all these little things, the e-book Bind Quilts by Machine will be ready for release, and that’s going to happen well before my deadline of July 18!

As soon I as make these corrections, I can authorize release of Bind Quilts by Machine!

I will release the e-book as soon as I upload the final, corrected version. Time is running out–if you want to take advantage of the chance to pre-order the e-book with a hefty discount!

Now, for those of you who have not yet pre-ordered your copy of Bind Quilts by Machine:

  • Pre-order now and get the e-book for the DISCOUNT price of $9.99, about 23% off the full retail price of $12.99!
  • The e-book includes a FREE PATTERN and links to other patterns illustrated in the e-book!
  • There’s an UPGRADE option in the e-book, so you can join the online quilt class in progress for only $7.00 more. You receive full credit for the retail price of the e-book against the class fee!
  • If you pre-order now for $9.99 and later upgrade to the online quilt class for $7.00, you receive both for a total of $16.99, a DISCOUNT of 15% off the $19.99 class fee alone!!

So, how’s that? Have I got a deal for you?!

Pre-order the e-book Bind Quilts by Machine from Kobo, Barnes&Noble, or AppleQUICK!