AfricaGoal: A Stepmother’s Pride

Yesterday we received word from my stepdaughter about a new video she and her husband had made. AfricaGoal founders and members throughout, their immense dedication and technical skills are obvious weapons in the ongoing fight against AIDS.

Mouse, whose voice you hear throughout the video and you see snatches of her with her butterscotch blonde hair, and Maciej, who appears only briefly in one or two scenes (not the fellow with blonde dreadlocks–that’s Dom), and all their friends have made huge sacrifices over the years to bring the World Cup digital broadcasts into some of the most remote areas in East and southern Africa. They have had remarkable experiences and gathered amazing memories of their safaris throughout the continent, and they have made many good friends as they worked to save lives along the way.

Please visit AfricaGoal to see more of their photos and read their stories. These young people deserve all the support they can garner. Thanks!


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4 Responses to AfricaGoal: A Stepmother’s Pride

  1. What a great video, and you and your husband must be bursting with pride over a daughter with a passion for being part of the solution. What our world needs today!

    • Absolutely! I’m not at all ashamed to admit that we were both in tears, hearing her voice and remembering when AfricaGoal came to our little village of Kampi ya Samaki. We all got AfricaGoal T-shirts as mementos. (Somebody nicked mine; I’ll have to ask for another.) We are looking forward to having our young people with us during the holidays. I should think there will be plenty of joyful tears then!

      Happy Holidays to all!!

  2. Jan Maness

    Very impressive. I admire your step daughter, friends and family immensely .

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