Best Darned Quilts!

Students have been taking my class, Darned Quilts, in record numbers. I have been very pleased about that, so much so that I have set up a Yahoo! Group for Darned Quilts alumni.

Those who have joined the Yahoo! Group have been seriously inspired by the concepts of Darned Quilting. They have applied the methods and techniques they have learned in my class as they have moved forth in their own creative ventures. The quilts you see on this and linked pages are the product of their efforts.  Each artist worked independently but in community with others who appreciate the possibilities of Darned Quilts. Their work typifies the kinds of explorations in the media which can be undertaken by using Darned Quilting methods.

I sincerely hope you enjoy seeing these wonderful works of art, and that you will want to join the increasing numbers of quilters who are working with the methods and concepts of Darned Quilts!

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2 thoughts on “Best Darned Quilts!”

  1. Hi Dena
    I checked your Faculty list and Carol Miller didn’t have your e-mail address. I think it would be hard for me to do her class as I am not from Kenya. I live in Canada in Oliver British Columbia. I’ll send you another e-mail regarding purchasing “Fractures” quilt pattern in September, 2011.
    Thank you for replying back I appreciate it.

    Carol Ann

    1. Carol Ann, when you checked the Quilt University Faculty page, you found that each of our teachers has a biographical statement, a list of her classes, and links to her Student Feedback and Student Gallery where you can find photos of quilts made by students of each of the teacher’s classes.

      Carol does not publish our email addresses. She wants to protect us from spam. However, if you look lower down on the right hand sidebar of my blog, you will find a header called Contacts. There you will find a link to Email Dena Crain. That link takes you to a contact form that you can use at any time to reach me by email.

      Quilt University is based in the USA. To register for online quilt classes, you need only to use a major credit card as both VISA and MasterCard are accepted. This is the least expensive and most hassle-free way to register if you are outside the USA.

      We have LOTS of students from Canada, Carol Ann. You will have to wait until next year to take Designer Pinwheels, but I have other online quilt classes available through Quilt University. See my list of offerings for the remainder of this year near the top of the right hand sidebar. I hope you will find there another class you would like to take with me. May I suggest Crystal Quilts? I hope to “meet” you there soon!!

      Thanks so very much for taking time to communicate with me about your concerns! 😉

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