Testimonials: Quilt Students are Talking . . .

Below are comments taken from student evaluations of my quilt classes:

“Dena did an excellent job and I would certainly take another class from her. She is a very intelligent and thoughtful person. I loved her comments, she also involved us in her African life which I found wonderful. Because of her personality we had a very lively class. And of course, her English – grammar and expression – is faultless.”

“Dena was wonderful. The lessons were very well planned and thought-provoking. I had never tried to design before, but Dena’s regular feedback has convinced me that I can do this. I would absolutely take another class from Dena. Her manner is so encouraging, but not coddling. She asked us to stretch, so we did.”

“This class was more than I expected. It was the first time I took a design class and actually learned something. I’ve taken other classes in design and left not learning anything useful. Dena Crain is an excellent teacher. I will definitely take her other classes when they are offered.”

“Dena did an incredibly good job! The content of the lessons was good and Dena explained everything very clearly. I appreciate very much her answers to all the questions I had and I also learned a lot from all the questions and answers of the other participants. I was pushed over my limits to find solutions for the questions she had. She has a very nice way of giving feedback on your work!”

“Dena did a great job. I really liked the way she responded to each of us in the class and she was very upbeat in her comments. She also had a gentle way of getting us to look at our work in another way.”

“Reflections is an amazing class. I was looking for one that would further my knowledge of design principles, and this class accomplished that goal at a very high level. And as a bonus, Dena Crain provided us with an amazing wealth of detailed construction techniques. This course was worth more than the money I paid for it. I would absolutely take another class from Dena Crain. She’s a fabulous teacher.”

“Dena’s encouragement and thoughtful advice was very inspiring and helpful. She gave us a lot of insight into her world as an artist as well as getting us to think about what we really wanted to achieve in our own work.”

“Dena did a fantastic job. She didn’t spoon feed us but made us work at the learning process. She was always very supportive and pointed out why things had worked and why some things hadn’t, but only after you had tried to answer things for yourself. She also shared stories from her own personal experience to illustrate her points and show us that everyone has to go through the same processes. She managed to create a very warm learning environment where I feel sure everyone felt welcome.”

“I learned a lot and particularly appreciate Dena’s way of explaining very complex ideas over the internet – I never would have thought that an on-line design class could have taught so much. She was fantastic – encouraging, thoughtful and she was careful to comment on anything and everything. The class notes are superb and I think that if I keep reading then for the next few years, there will always be something new in them to make me think of something in a slightly different way. Dena has so much to give in terms of her expertise and ability to make people think differently. She is a born teacher.”

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