Call for Online Quilt Teachers

Dena Crain's Quilt Design Workshops

Dena Crain’s Quilt Design Workshops

I’m building a new online education facility called QuiltEd Online for patchwork quilters and I’m looking for active online quilt teachers, as well as those who want to teach online but who have yet to get started at it, to join me.

I’m looking for you if you:

  • have experience as a classroom teacher but think you’d like to consider adding online teaching to your resume
  • want to teach quilting online but don’t have a website to teach from
  • have been teaching elsewhere but do not like the terms or the pay
  • are capable of writing and illustrating online classes but you would like a bit of help with the technical side of things
  • are popular with your live classroom students and want to expand your reach
  • are enthusiastic and hard-working but need a little help to get started
  • have never taught patchwork before but you have some great original designs or projects
  • would love to teach but you’re stuck at home
  • are already teaching elsewhere but you have new ideas for classes and want to expand your market without disturbing your other workshops

Terms (independence and great control over content) and pay are liberal by industry standards, but dedication, hard work and creativity in approach are mandatory. My standards are high because your work will reflect on me, but I’m willing to help you learn and grow into the best online teacher you can be. With ten years of experience teaching online successfully for Quilt University and about fifteen years teaching internationally in live classrooms around the world, I’m well equipped to help you launch a successful career as an online patchwork quilt design teacher.

One applicant asked how much it would cost to teach for QuiltEd Online. Here is my reply:

  • A lot of your time for a few months to develop, write and illustrate a great course! Do not expect this process to get easier or faster with experience. Each course takes hard work, make no mistake!
  • Some angst, frustration and hassle learning new software and ways of working as we jointly discover the best ways to get your course out of your hands and ready for business at QuiltEd Online.
  • A few sleepless nights as you worry about whether you’re doing everything right. Don’t let that happen too often; you’re in the same boat with all of us!
  • A couple of hours each day interacting with your students online after your course opens. Continuous enrollment courses should result in a fairly steady teaching load, free of the “rush” times when scheduled courses open. The price you set for your course and the number of courses you teach ultimately determine how much time you must spend actively teaching.
  • A few hours once each year to report your earnings to your government’s income tax service and write a check to pay that bill.

If you think you have what it takes and can afford the costs, let me know and we’ll take it from there – no obligations, no commitments – yet! Use Contact Dena to express interest. I will get back to you accordingly. Thanks!


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4 Responses to Call for Online Quilt Teachers

  1. Sounds really exciting, but I do not do pieced work, as you know. hope you are over your internet woes!! keep in touch

    • It is all very exciting, Phillippa! Perhaps a trifle overwhelming, too, but what have I got to lose?! Still struggling with the Internet connection; it seems Kenya is doomed to be about two years behind the times no matter when! I was told the other day not to upgrade my OS to Mavericks because the local mobile phone modems can’t handle it! Never mind–this is STILL Africa!! ;-)

  2. Janey Crook

    I cannot wait for these classes to start – it will be great. Had so much fun with your Darned Quilts course. When do you hope to be up and running?

    • Shooting for March 1, Janey, but not sure I’m going to make it. Right now I’m busy recruiting more teachers to join me. As I get that set up I’ll return to revising and improving my own classes. When I have four of my own classes ready for students, we’ll launch! Stay tuned, and thanks for asking!

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