Calling All Previous Students

As you probably know, I’m building a new website called QuiltEd Online to host my online courses. I’m looking for a few volunteers to send me photos of themselves with a quilt made during my previous online quilt classes. I want to feature these photos on the home page of the new site. I have received a great one from Carole P. Kenny, one of my best students, who made this quilt while taking Goodbye to the Grid with me.

Carole P. Kenny with her Goodbye to the Grid quilt

Carole P. Kenny with her Goodbye to the Grid quilt

If you can produce a photo like this one, a picture of yourself and your quilt in the background or in your hands in front of you but still showing your happy smile, please contact me for more details.



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2 Responses to Calling All Previous Students

  1. Janey Crook

    What a fabulous quilt – that is just spectacular absolutely gorgeous.

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