Coming Soon: QuiltEd Online!

Dena Crain teaching a live workshop

Patchwork Quilt Design Workshop in Progress

The New Year brings a new initiative to patchwork quilting around the world: a home for online education for patchwork quilters!  This news will be of interest if you:

  • Love patchwork quilting
  • Want to attend patchwork quilt workshops but simply can’t for one reason or another
  • Want to sign up for online patchwork quilt classes but don’t know where to find them
  • Teach online classes for patchwork quilters either on your site or elsewhere
  • Work with online quilt teachers and want to keep abreast of the latest news and developments

At QuiltEd Online you will find:

  • FREE online patchwork and quilting tutorials
  • Online patchwork and quilting design workshops taught by myself and others
  • Listings of the online course offerings of patchwork teachers around the globe
  • Links to the best online resources like ebooks, videos, retail suppliers and more
  • Student reviews of and testimonials for online quilt workshops to help you choose the best classes for you

How will you know when this initiative will be launched?  Sign up for the newsletter, of course!  Go to QuiltEd Online now and subscribe so you will not miss out on a single issue!

And please don’t forget to share this information with your quilting friends!  We are a large, closely-knit community and everyone will want to know about QuiltEd Online!


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10 Responses to Coming Soon: QuiltEd Online!

  1. Mary Helen

    So looking forward to your new QuiltEd. I’m having “Dena Crain withdrawal symptoms” . Going back through Darned Quilts again makes me miss you even more. I know you have been so very busy. Just want you to know how much I appreciate your classes. Availability to your knowledge is a real treat!

  2. Janey Crook

    This should be fun. I really loved your Darned Quilts class and have made several since. I will forward to taking one of your other classes

  3. Love to be part of this.All the best.

  4. Great news Dena – well done! Looking forward to some great classes.

    • Thank you, Sally! How nice to hear from you! First will be my current classes, shifted from Quilt University but much enhanced and improved. Once those are up and a routine has been established, I’ll be able then to move forward with some new classes. Hang in there with me, won’t you, please?!

  5. looking forward to this, Dena. you HAVE been busy.

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