Dreams and Visions

Well, it’s a dream come true!  One of my quilts, a new one from my Redefinitions series, is on display at the Visions Art Museum!

"Redefinitions VIII: Desert Sands," art quilt by Dena Dale Crain

“Redefinitions VIII: Desert Sands,” art quilt by Dena Dale Crain

Part of the “Recent Acquisitions from the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection” exhibition which opened in San Diego’s Visions Art Museum on November 9, “Desert Sands” is made from 100% silk fabrics, some of them hand-painted.  The piece measures 30″ x 34″ and is densely quilted all over.

The quilt was acquired from me shortly after the Studio Art Quilt Association conference in Athens, Ohio, held in conjunction with Quilt National.  Its owner, well-known collector and quilt maker Del Thomas, was charged with carrying the quilt to the Visions Art Museum for sale in the Museum Shop by curator Beth Smith because Del was traveling by car and Beth did not want to fold the piece and pack it in her suitcase.

You can imagine my surprise and delight when Del emailed me a few days after leaving Athens for Paducah and said, “The more I look at this quilt, the better I like it.  I’m buying it for myself, so you’ll have to make others for the Visions Art Museum Shop!”

Now you know why I’ve been working so hard to develop new fabrics.  The next episode of my fabric dyeing exploits with mud, henna and more will be posted soon.  Isn’t quilting fun?!


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12 Responses to Dreams and Visions

  1. Gorgeous quilt, Dena. Congratulations!

  2. Klothilde

    Hello Dena, Congratualtions for selling the quilt. I do like the colors and shapes as well.Looking forward to see your serie!

  3. Congratulations! I love the story of how Del bought your quilt. It always feels good when someone loves your work enough to buy it.

    • Thanks, Jeanne. Del’s acquisition of my quilt was most serendipitous. And you’re so right! I love to get paid, not so much because of the money, but because the transaction means someone really loves what I do! Cheers!

  4. Linda Jacks

    Gorgeous and shimmering with movement. Love it.

    • Thanks, Linda. How nice to hear from you! I remember you from one of the first classes I taught for Quilt U; was it Structured Fabrics? Anyway, I hope you’ll be around in the new year when my classes open here on my blog! Happy holidays in the meantime!

  5. Congratulations Dena. Way to go! I love the quilt.

  6. Sandy Box

    Well done Dena. You have made a wonderful artwork.

    • Thank you, Sandy. I’m pleased with this one and now involved making others. I love this way of working and I hope to turn the methods into a new online class. Stay tuned!!

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