Martha’s Blog: Ready for Opening Reception

Martha Ginn’s solo exhibition opened last night in Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Martha’s Blog: Ready for Opening Reception.

Good job, Martha, and good luck!!


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2 Responses to Martha’s Blog: Ready for Opening Reception

  1. Dena, thanks so much for visiting my exhibit opening through my blog! It was an honor for a couple of friends to drive 90 miles and spend the night to be there, but just as much for you to be there electronically! Several groups arranged for me to meet them there, view and discuss the pieces, and then have lunch. I’m sorry the month is over but have such satisfying memories. Sharing with my international Internet friends is a special treat!

    • It was my pleasure, Martha! We’ve been “friends” for a long time; I’m sorry I could be with you only via the Internet. I’m delighted you’ve had a good show, and I hope it’s only the beginning of many more good things to come!

      Find me in future at QuiltEd Online . . .

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