QuiltEd Online Status Update

QuiltEd Online is the new website where my online quilt courses will be hosted. I’m working flat out every day to prepare it for you, so I thought you might appreciate knowing a bit more about what is going on behind the scenes.

QuiltEd Online

I am working to prepare four courses of online quilt study before launching the site. The options for choice were:

What I found when I began this process is that my classes from Quilt University seemed tired, a bit dated and with some rather poor graphics. Each course is receiving a face-lift, an upgrade with additional, NEW information added, improved graphics, better organization for smoother content flow, and a tighter editorial process for fewer errors in the text. By the time I get them all uploaded, each course will be BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

To date, Designer Pinwheels is complete. I finished editing the lessons of Structured Fabrics yesterday and today I will prepare the course introduction page and the product listing. For you techies out there, the site uses WooCommerce for safe and easy course registration and fee payment.

Goodbye to the Grid awaits final proofing, but all the lessons and the course page are uploaded and edited for content and graphics. I’ve even gone out on a limb and created a couple of animated videos for this course! These still need a bit of editing to cull the rubbish and streamline the presentation, but they will be added to the course before I open it for registration.

So, three courses are nearly ready to go. Now I have to decide about the fourth one. Crystal Quilts is about half finished, as is Math for Quilters. The editing for Math for Quilters is done, but about half of it is on paper, not yet incorporated in the digital copy, plus the course desperately needs some new, more explicative graphics and that will take a bit of time to do. That leaves Darned Quilts and Reflections as yet untouched.

Redefinitions III: Gee Whiz

Instant Patchwork: coming soon!

I am so eager to get all of these courses operational because I have at least three more NEW ones, including my personal new favorite Instant Patchwork (sample above), I want to write and publish for you. I so wish someone else could help me, but I fear the only one who could would be a clone of myself. It’s all the content part that must come from me that is taking so much time to prepare for you.

What’s been really fun is that I have discovered a new class amongst those I already have. The new course is called Alternative Methods, and it features all the rather unusual and unorthodox methods and techniques for making original design patchwork quilts without the design part! If you would rather design original quilts than to follow my instructions for how to design, but you want to learn different ways of tackling the construction challenges, this new course will be for you!

Won’t you please help me decide which course should come next before site launch by commenting below? If I have a strong response from you, I’ll have little choice but to go with your preference. Thanks!

Other parts of the site are finished and ready to go:

  • “Home” page–looks really good; clean and professional, just the way I like it!
  • “About” including a mission statement
  • “Support” including a Q&A about how things work at QuiltEd Online
  • A few preliminary posts for the attached blog
  • A few page ideas for related subject matter about online education for patchwork quilters
  • Galleries for student work in progress

Yet to be produced are galleries of student work from my online quilt classes at Quilt University. You all did a great job making quilts from my instructions, and I want to feature some of the best work that came out of your efforts.

If you’ve been following my blog here, you’ll know that I have put out a call for other online quilt teachers to join me in this venture. I have had a terrific response from a remarkable array of talents, including some rather well-known quilt artists. We are engaged in discussions and negotiations, so I am optimistic only good things lie ahead for QuiltEd Online.

I am presently planning the site launch on April 2. I would open April 1 but fear no one will take me seriously! Sign up in the sidebar at right, or visit QuiltEd Online, so you will receive the news directly from me when the site goes “live!”

In my next status update, I’ll give you more information about how QuiltEd Online will work:

  • Open scheduling
  • Multiple registration options
  • Great teacher contact
  • Private student galleries
  • Focused discussions for lesson content as well as work in progress critique
  • Special benefits

Gosh! It’s all so exciting!!

Now–please, excuse me. I MUST get back to work . . .




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9 Responses to QuiltEd Online Status Update

  1. Mary Helen in OR

    I vote for Crystal Quilts (first choice) and Reflections (second Choice) as classes to complete soon. Any of them will be wonderful!! Looking forward to April. Let me know if I can help? Testing?

    • Thanks, Mary Helen. I sort of thought Crystal Quilts might be next. Let’s wait and see whether anyone else has a preference. And thanks for the offer to help. I will certainly let you know if there’s anything you can do. I just need to get a little further down the line with it all. Cheers!

    • Janey Crook

      I would vote for Crystal Quilts as well – it looks to be a really neat technique.

  2. Janey Crook

    Oh …. I can’t wait – this sounds fabulous. I am having so much fun with your Darned Quilt technique but taking it all in a slightly different direction. Quilt Ed online sounds as though it is going to be fantastic – April 2nd will be a good launch date but April 1st – that would be really cool.

  3. Sally Heron

    Dena, it all sounds very exciting – and hard work! Good luck with the launch….I know you will have great success. I hope this doesn’t mean you won’t be traveling as much. I look forward to you revisiting Australia!

    • Yes, Sally–it certainly is exciting, and it certainly is a huge amount of work! Never mind, though, I’m having a good time pulling everything together. I only wish my Internet connection could move as fast as my fingers over the keyboard!

      I was back in Australia last summer but not in your area. This time I went to Canberra where I stayed with good friend Beth Miller, Melbourne, Buxton (loved it!), Mornington and Cooroy/Noosa. I passed through Brisbane only very briefly to visit a friend there and fly out from the Brisbane airport. If you want me to teach again in Australia, help me make a plan! I love the country and am always happy to visit there!

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