Work on Display at Texas Quilt Museum

Exciting news for me, just in from Sandra Sider, Past President of SAQA and now Curator of the Texas Quilt Museum!

"Redefinitions VIII: Desert Sands," art quilt by Dena Dale Crain

“Redefinitions VIII: Desert Sands,” art quilt by Dena Dale Crain

Sandra informs me that my quilt, Desert Sands, acquired last year by well-known American quilt collector Del Thomas, will be one of 45 pieces on display at the Texas Quilt Museum from July through September. This exhibition, representative of the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection, is expected to fill two of the three galleries.



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10 Responses to Work on Display at Texas Quilt Museum

  1. Sally Heron

    Congratulations Dena – that’s what our landscape here in Oz will look like if we don’t get any rain soon!

    • Thanks, Sally! I know Oz has had another hard year! We saw the news reports of all the fires, and I thought about that first when I saw Ol ari Nyiro going up in flames. How terrifying that must be! Keeping fingers crossed for rain for you, and less of it for us. With the lake now down another two feet, it has to rise seven before it will be in our house, so we’re hoping for a light rainy season that might bring us a little closer to a touch of drought! Gosh, are we never happy with what we’ve got?! ;-)

  2. Charu

    Congratulations. I feel privileged to have seen the quilt.

  3. Glad to see this! my site is presently down, as the gallery plug in was giving so much trouble..
    one day, I’ll get down to Texas again. We spent 18 months there when we first arrived in the US, then moved to Little Rock..

    • Thanks, Phillippa! Sorry to hear your site is down. Do what I just did and get up at 5:00 am to add a couple of quiet hours to your work day. Mine has been spent trying to figure out why my featured images are not showing up on Facebook, and breaking the link between Twitter and Facebook so things don’t get posted there twice. What a nuisance, I know, but we’ve GOT to be out there, yes?! ;-)

  4. Anne

    Congratulations Dena. How wonderful to be one of the chosen few.

    • Thank you, Anne; lovely to hear from you! I’m very pleased but extremely humbled by this experience, honored to have had Del Thomas select and acquire one of my pieces–it’s a real privilege, indeed!

  5. Congrats to you Dena!

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