Collaborative Effort For Effective Tick Control?

At the head of this collaborative effort should be the property owner, whether he owns his own home or is running a business. Before he is in touch with the local tick control services daphne unit, he should have had at least one engaging encounter with a risk management consultant. Other physical and/or logistical matters will have influenced or determined whether the commercial or residential premises is about to be overrun by ticks or other insect or rodent species.

Indeed, preventative measures could have already been put into place that result in ensuring that control measures implemented are helping residential and commercial properties avoid being overrun by all kinds of pests, including ticks. Those who found ticks on their premises may have been left wondering. They may have been confused. Why are there ticks on their premises when there is not a single animal on their premises.

The belief was that ticks only go for animals. Indeed, that much is true, as animals are particularly vulnerable, being quite easy for ticks to target. Animals of relatively small size are close to the ground, so it is quite easy for ticks to leap onto them. It is a lot more difficult for them to target humans, given that you and your peers are generally clothed. Ticks would have to find a way to get past your clothes before getting to your skin.

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So it goes that you may not have domestic pets. No animals then. Don’t be too sure about that because waiting downstairs in the basement could be yet another army of pests. Mice. Or worse still, rats. Ticks are bound to go for that. But even without the presence of small animals, ticks can still thrive, just as long as there’s enough dirt and dust for them to burrow in.

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