Things To Expect After Extraction

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This is not the time to be distressed, alarmed or negative. Do perk up. Things are not always as bad as they may seem. Even so, it is generally a good idea to prepare ourselves well for tooth extraction near me north charleston. One thing you need to accept is this. It is to be expected that after a tooth has been pulled there will be a bit of bleeding. There may also be a bit of swelling. The worst thing to expect is pain, but it is only slight.

And the healing time required is usually not longer than a week. But should there be any persistent issues during this healing period, all you really need to do is give your dentist a call so that he can nip the problem in the bud. You would have to do this timeously in order to avoid any further damage to the affected area. You will also need to avoid so-called hard foods. You could even apply a little ice to the outside of your mouth to help the recovery process.

But who is to say that a tooth extraction is even necessary? It may well be that after he has completed his obligatory dental exam that the damage has not been at all bad. And so it will go that he should be able to repair the affected tooth. But no matter what discomfort, pain even, you are experiencing, never put off giving the dentist a call. And do not even try to self-medicate or chance your arm with over the counter medication.

Because if you are foolish enough to do that, you’re only going to exacerbate matters. And lastly, if you are dealing with a loose tooth, do not do it yourself as they say.

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